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In business for over 35 years, Danawares is positioned as Canada’s one-stop-shop for a wide range of quality licensed and non licensed product. Long standing relationships with our business partners have helped us grow from a family run business in a Montreal basement, to a thriving enterprise with offices in Toronto, Hong Kong and Ningbo, in addition to the 75,000sq ft head office in Montreal, Quebec.               
We develop, design, manufacture and distribute a wide assortment of licensed and non-licensed product. Our range of categories include puzzles, arts & crafts, stationery, tabletop, baby, storage, outdoor, health and beauty accessories and jewelry. With our understanding of the marketplace, our contacts and distribution network, Danawares has become the natural choice for companies looking to launch products in Canada.

There’s more to being a supplier than just great products and that includes ethical sourcing and compliance. Working with our licensors and customers, we ensure that all our manufacturing partners are socially compliant and meet the requirements established by local goverments through regular 3rd party audits. Compliance also extends to our products where all our items are tested by certified labs in accordance with laws and protocols established by our customers.

• Warehouse:
Our Montreal facility is over 75,000sq ft.

• Inventory:
Danawares maintains a wide assortment of in-stock product ready to ship within 48 hours.

• Drop Ship:
Full EDI capability to dropship single piece orders direct-to-consumer. 

• Understanding customers’ needs:
A critical measure of our success is understanding and listening
to our customers’ needs. Their target price points, customer demographics and timelines are mutually understood and met. 

• Ability to execute:
Our objective, day in and day out, is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

• Channels of Distribution:
Each distribution channel is managed by a dedicated Sales Manager, and is broken down into the following categories:
Mass merchants, department stores, food and drug, e-tailers, hardware work and safety, value stores, specialty retailers and fashion retailers.

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