Danawares provides customized representation agreements that will yield success for you and your brand across the Canadian Retail Landscape.

Your brands are in good hands.

Danawares offers a customized approach to sales representation in the Canadian Market.

We can offer sales representation or, as a distribution arm for your business in Canada, provide a full-service solution across the mass merchants, big box, fashion, grocery, pharmacy and specialty retail sectors.

  1. Strong Retail Relationships – We have decades of experience in the Canadian market, servicing all retail sectors. We know how product placement decisions are. Made, and we know the key players for a diverse group of departments.
  2. Industry expertise – Our team members are sales focused with extensive Industry experience across Toys, crafts, games and puzzles, fashion, tabletop and active play. We know how to position your brand and product lines that will get the attention of our retail clients. In addition, our customer service associates provide superior order fulfilment.
  3. Coverage – Our professional sales representatives are in Montreal, Toronto, and British Columbia, with sales agents spread across and between. As a result, we have a great read, both broad and deep. We understand the different regions, and with our Head Office in Montreal, we know how to manage a bilingual Country.
  4. Technology – Our sales representatives in Canada are equipped with the most advanced sales and marketing software. The software allows for the most detailed CRM tracking and will enable sales to produce detailed catalogues in minutes. In addition, it gives visibility at every stage in the sales and servicing process, from sales meeting preparation to POS evaluation and forecasting.

Please reach out to us today. We want to speak with you to discuss what Danawares can do to help you realize your Company’s success in the Canadian marketplace.

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